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This is the NOT official Boxman wiki. Not the Boxman created by smosh on YouTube (whom is supper irrelevant these days), but the indie game series called, "Boxman's Adventure" created by a user called Neo Cortex found on his profile at: (by the way, this account is dead, just like this wiki!)

The new account is Dell Conagher on Gamejolt, and here have the cutscene and sprite artist SniffingFinch too. (shameless self-advertisement)





This wiki contains all the information about the game series. Such as antagonists, protagonists, et cetera. That's the entire point of a wiki. Duuuuuhhhhh.

Boxman's AdventureEdit

Ever played the Crash Bandicoot game series on the Playstation and Playstation 2 gaming consoles? Well, this "indie game" (what the hipsters are calling them these days) is heavily inspired by the series, and uses pretty much the same exact things it does! Except not. Also there's fruit.

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